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Water Conservation Landscape Ideas

Water conservation strategies have been the hot topic lately because of the ever increasing shortage of water in the state of California. The need to devise strategies for saving water has escalated, like never before. Xeriscaping and other such methodologies have been introduced by the landscaping companies, to conserve water while designing landscapes for homes.

Choosing plants that can survive in drought like conditions and selecting suitable landscape materials can go a long way in helping you save water and still have beautiful gardens. The incorporation of elements like ponds, rock gardens and walkways to the landscape design can be an impressive display and it fulfills the water saving goal as well.

These tips can help you save water and still have striking landscape designs on your property.

Selection of plants

Smart selection of plants is the most important part of your water conservation goals. Choose plants that do not require much water and can survive the harsh temperatures of California. There are many types of plants available in the market that can fulfill your requirements and still help you create a vibrant garden.

Making Hydrozones

Hydrozoning is a practice that is gaining momentum in parts of California, especially Los Angeles. The practice warrants the creation of clusters of plants that have the same water requirement. This will allow you to save a lot of water, because you will know exactly how much it each cluster needs.

Soil maintenance

The quality of soil can determine the amount of water required to keep your garden looking lush and green. Soil, which is maintained properly, would require limited amount of water and it will retain water for longer. Also, healthy soil tends to absorb more nutrients and the garden requires less maintenance.

Water smartly

One of the best ways to save water is to educate yourself on water requirements of the plants in your garden. Learn more about when to water the plants and how much water each plant requires. Both of these factors can help cut down the utilization of water in your garden.

Use organic material

Enrich the plant’s surrounding with organic matter, a practice that will limit the amount of water that is needed to maintain the landscape. Organic matter insulates the soil and conserves the water at the same time.

All of these practices will help you limit the consumption of water in your gardens. They are also a necessity in the drought hit areas like California, because they save water and still allow you to maintain a lush landscape.

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