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  • "I recently bought a fixer upper house in Los Angeles. I was contacted by David Noudel and his company Polaris Construction regarding a complete Kitchen remodel and other electrical work that was necessary in the house. I am always skeptical about building contractors having had nightmare experiences in the past but David and his team totally delivered and made me so happy with the complete project. The company will not work without city permits, don't even ask, I tried! The guys worked their tails off and took a real pride in the work in a way that I have never seen before. Each one was a master craftsman in his own right! Every step of the way was done in a professional and timely manner and the usual pain and discomfort of a remodel was kept to a minimum. I cannot give the team a better recommendation than this. Thanks so much you guys. I will be coming back again soon!."

    - Michael P. - Los Angeles, CA
  • "We live in an old house and have had to do plenty of remodels/ repairs. We have used a few construction companies and we never use the same company twice because there have always been major headaches and hassles - but we had a totally different experience with this company. This is by far the best company we have worked with and it was actually a pleasure! We came to them because we needed to build an addition on the house for our baby. I was in my 9th month of pregnancy and I told them that I needed the project to be done in two weeks. It was a big request but they were able to do it! The room looks fantastic, the closet that they built is adorable and there wasn't one problem and they actually finished early! The owner, David, was so sweet that he actually gave us a gift for the baby. What construction company does that? They also built and designed a pantry for us, despite the limited space that our house provides. They constructed a beautiful glass door and nice deep shelves to store all of our food/ paper towels, etc. This company and all of the people that work there, were an absolute pleasure to work with and I would absolutely hire them again to do any future work on the house. Loved them!!!."

    - Kimberly K. - Los Angeles, CA
  • "I have seen projects completed by David, and have hired him after being recommended by my friend in Studio City. David is a professional contractor who takes responsibility for his work; managing the employees to be on time and keep my place decent as much as possible, being on schedule, and providing all items as written on contract. I had contractors fixing up our home before, and David is the one we'll hire for our future upgrades. He already met with my sister in Marina Del Rey to discuss her home renovation. Great company. Great guy!."

    - Mina H. - Los Angeles, CA
  • "After interviewing several licensed professional contractors, my wife and I agreed on Polaris Development to do our dream home remodel, and they delivered! David Noudel (the owner) first listened to our ideas and then made some really great suggestions on how to maximize our space. We remodeled a 1950's era beach house with a fabulous ocean view. We basically gutted the entire home replacing the roof, electrical, windows, doors, living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. His goal was to give our home that WOW factor within our budget constraints. Every construction project is faced with challenges and David as the professional that he is, took the challenges and resolved them to our satisfaction. His goal was to make sure that we were satisfied with the project from beginning to end. We were very happy that we chose him, and have recommended him to others as well. To choose Polaris Development for your project is the first step in the right direction of achieving your dream home. Here are a few samples of David's finished work on our home."

    - Carlos G. - Redondo Beach, CA
  • "Our experience with this company could not have been better. We came to them at the last minute to remodel our home to have a bedroom for our newborn baby. My wife was 9 months pregnant at the time and we told David (the owner) that we needed the entire project finished in two weeks. He was incredibly accommodating and had his guys working overtime to complete the job. They came on Saturdays and they worked long hours to make sure that all of the construction was done on time and done correctly. All of the guys that worked for the company seemed very happy and it was obvious that they are treated with respect and kindness (I have witnessed the opposite with other construction companies in the past). I really appreciated the ideas that David had and his suggestions made a big difference in the final product. For example, he recommended that we install a mirrored door for the closet to make the room look bigger. Space is limited in our house and the room addition was small so that little touch actually made a very big difference. He also suggested that we install a sliding pocket door in our newly constructed pantry and again, this was a good suggestions. It saved on space and it looks very elegant next to our kitchen cabinets. The linen closet that they created also works very nicely. The shelves are perfectly spaced and are very useful in holding our various items. None of the work that they did was thrown together in a shoddy way and I am more than pleased with all of their work. David, the owner of the company, was so kind and he even gave us a present for our new baby once he was born. I would absolutely use this company again and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a construction company. Very pleased! :) .quot;

    - S. Kaplan - Los Angeles, CA
  • "If you are thinking of remodeling your home, I can help out you by sharing my contractor's info! Any questions and/or doubts you have about where to find the most talented, ethical remodeling team in Los Angeles will be answered “in spades” by Polaris Development & Construction. How do I know this? I was in the same predicament but luckily was introduced to Polaris Development before I went elsewhere. The owner has a group of very talented workmen who have the experience, knowledge and a great work ethic to give you the quality workmanship you expect. I am pleased beyond words by their work in updating my 1950’s house into a more open, relaxed concept. The new kitchen Polaris gave me is breathtakingly beautiful. Everything they have touched turned out better than I expected. Without hesitation I will be calling “Polaris” back for my future projects I plan to do. And don't worry how far away you might be! They will make it happen! You owe yourself to contact Polaris Development and Construction at I am definitely a fan of Polaris Development & Construction!."

    - Lois R. - Redondo Beach, CA
  • "David and Polaris Construction did a great job on my driveway in 2012. It was a very difficult job because I wanted large concrete squares with rocks in between each square. It required a lot of precise cuts and measurements to create this driveway. It took about 2 weeks to get it just right--and I am very particular. The job was done very well and my expectations were managed every step of the way. At the end of the day, we were on budget and on time.quot;

    - Dana F. - Woodland Hills, CA
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