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Bathroom Demolition

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms so when you want to enjoy your time spent in your bathroom you may need to make some improvements in order to do so. With this project we did a complete bathroom demolition. With the addition of a custom designed shower we also installed custom designed shower benches with personalized insignia's. The custom designed shower is a natural slab and tile walk-in shower. A free standing, walk-in shower is perfect for maneuverability. We anchored the bathroom with two beautiful pedestal sinks. Pedestal sinks give the bathroom the illusion of being larger than it is. Less space is used because the base of the sink is minimized by pedals instead of a cabinet. Venetian paint was used on the walls of the bathroom to give it a more elegant glow and sleek finish. While we did not design the bathroom fixtures, they were all carefully selected to fit with the theme of the bathroom by our experienced design team. Many homeowners consider a demolition of this magnitude far to expensive an undertaking, however, we offer services to suit every budget type at Polaris Development and Construction. Let us show you what is in store for you with a custom designed bathroom.

When our team of professional designers are gathering information to help them with the design of your bathroom, you can be sure that they will take into consideration both your needs and your desires. It is important to us, that your bathroom not only be aesthetically appealing but that it is also functional. Call on the professional services of Polaris Development and Construction for help with your bathroom makeover. Any one of our knowledgeable and helpful associates would be happy to schedule your complimentary consultation and cost estimate.


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